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Post Halloween Skincare

How to bring back that clarity in your skin

Post Halloween Skincare
Your face Face will probably feel a bit uncomfortable, tired and irritated after your fun Halloween makeup? Here’s how to bring back the healthy looking skin:
Never ever sleep with makeup on
Always completely remove makeup before you sleep so bacteria will not build up on your skin and your eye lashes wont start falling.
Cleanse & Cleanse
Do not leave any makeup on. Use a make up remover to dissolve away all that intense eye makeup first, then go ahead you’re your cleansing routine. If you went heavy on the face makeup, double cleanse that beautiful face.
Hit the reset button
After a thorough process of makeup-removing and cleansing, In order to get rid of any makeup-induced clogging or dirt in your pores, pamper yourself with a 20 minute clay-based mask to remove impurities from the skin and improve moisture retention so your skin will appear smoother and more refined.
Apply your regular moisturizer or serum to your skin to allow it to recover properly. For home-made solutions, you can apply almond oil or coconut oil to your face and massage it well.

Take A Break
Give yourself a break and skip on heavy makeup whenever you. If you can manage to go day to day with a little powder blush on your cheeks, then there’s no reason you should be applying foundation daily. Later on, your skin will thank you for it.
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